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Science Education

Science Education

We live in a world which is ever more complex. SEFARI is committed to the use of research and knowledge to help us better understand the world around us, and to make better decisions. Science education underpins all our work – on the premise that learning is for everyone, and certainly not confined to the school classroom. We have a rich and varied environment across all our country, and SEFARI works with organisational partners and land managers to utilise it for shared learning and experience.


18 Dec 2017 - 00:00

Visualising Complexity

Complex, multidimensional, interconnected data can be extremely difficult to communicate effectively even using classic visualisation tools. Gone are the days when we can just draw a straight line through a 2D scatter graph. 

13 Dec 2017 - 00:00

Game of Cones

Enlisting people’s help to keep our trees healthy was the task of a team representing SEFARI at the recent science showcase event UnEarthed, held at Dynamic Earth Edinburgh.

14 Jun 2017 - 16:16

Harnessing Data

There is no doubt we live in an ever evolving and developing world. That brings huge challenges, and only by understanding our world better can we make the best informed decisions across policy and commercial spheres, and in our own lives.



23 Mar

Social Network Analysis Workshop - SRUC

SRUC will be running a workshop teaching social network analysis (SNA) as part of the DataFest Fringe. 

7 Apr

The Nature of Food - SEFARI at the Edinburgh International Science Festival

Food is connected with just about every aspect of our lives.  With a ‘Good Food Nation Bill’ on the way in Scotland, SEFARI presents a week of tasty science exploring what we eat and how the nation’s diet affects our health and the health of the natural world.