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Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge Exchange

We deliver innovative, co-constructed and responsive knowledge exchange projects with partners to enhance access to the Strategic Research Portfolio’s expertise and research. These projects ensure scientific evidence helps inform policy and practice across Scotland’s environment, land use, agriculture, food and rural communities. 


Fellowships: co-constructed bespoke, responsive opportunities aiming to develop a shared understanding between researchers and stakeholders, and to prioritise areas for common effort that can be supported by research knowledge and expertise. 




Specialist Advisory Groups: Responding to national and global grand challenges through interdisciplinary partnerships responding to priority issues at appropriate scales and pace.




Innovative Knowledge Exchange: Developing novel and collaborative ways of sharing and applying research that increase the visibility of the invaluable contributions from Strategic Research Portfolio.




Training Skills and Development: Comprehensive training and capacity-building for enhancing knowledge exchange networks




Horizon Scanning: Seeing the bigger picture, identifying emerging risks, priorities and interdisciplinary research opportunities