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Our Work

Our Work

SEFARI is responsible, with Higher Education Institutes partners, for delivering the Scottish Government-funded Strategic Research Programme 2016-2021 (SRP) on environment, food, agriculture, land and communities.   

The SRP delivers multi-and interdisciplinary research responding to key strategic challenges and underpinning national research capacity and capabilities.

There are three ways you can view our research: Case StudiesResearch Summaries and Reports

Case Studies are short and more accessible reads for anyone who wants to learn more about the impacts and benefits being delivered to Scotland, and beyond, through specific areas of our research.

Research Summaries are accounts of our research and outputs across the five-year SRP. These are ideal for anyone looking for more detail and to understand how our research forms a multi-and interdisciplinary evidence base stretching across environment, food, agriculture, land and communities. 

Reports cover both technical and non-technical summaries of the outputs and impacts from the SRP. 

Leading Ideas

Delivery Framework