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Current Specialist Advisory Groups

Current Specialist Advisory Groups


Scoping requirements for avian influenza surveillance and testing for wild birds in Scotland

Lead: Eleanor Watson, Moredun Research Institute

Stakeholders: NatureScot Advisory Committee Avian Influenza Sub-Group

This project is supporting the NatureScot Scientific Advisory Committee avian influenza sub-group to increase capacity for wild bird testing for both passive and active surveillance to fully identify the scale of the problem and to support decision making in reducing the spread and impact of this disease.

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Supporting the Rural Lens work with the National Strategy for Economic Transformation

Lead: Jane Atterton, SRUC and Mags Currie, James Hutton Institute

Stakeholder: Scottish Government Policy Teams (Rural Economy and Rural Economies)

This project will collect stakeholder/policy data and opinions to inform the economic potential, setting of priorities and wider environmental and societal implications around the use and promotion of Scotland’s natural flora produced on Scotland’s marginal lands.




Scottish Potatoes: A roadmap to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the Scottish Potato crop

Lead: Philip Burgess, Scottish Potatoes

Stakeholders: Actors across whole potato supply chain

The project aims to produce a stakeholder agreed roadmap which can take the potato growing industry towards the minimum greenhouse gas emissions possible and contribute to Scotland achieving its net zero goals.