21 Sep 2023

How to tackle TV interviews – SEFARI Gateway supported training

To help a group of scientists and experts across Scotland’s Scottish Environment, Food and Agriculture Research Institutions (SEFARI) build their skills around media engagement, SEFARI Gateway recently funded two media training sessions with former senior editors who now specialise in media training and strategic content at Second City Creative.

14 Aug 2023

Pack your bags…and join us on Solarpunk Island

We are well into the summer holidays and you might be dreaming of a desert island getaway. Well, look no further. It’s time to pack your bags and join us on Solarpunk Island!

31 Jul 2023

Botanics and Bioinformatics

One important and often overlooked aspect of PhD training is the chance to meet other researchers in the same or similar field as you, allowing for knowledge exchange and the forging of new connections.

Therefore, when the opportunity to visit other institutes across SEFARI arose, Karen wanted to capitalize on this. In this blog, find out about Karen’s experience as part of the SEFARI Gateway PhD Exchange Scheme - SEFARI’s second student to make the most of this opportunity.

12 Jul 2023

Using serious gaming to communicate challenging concepts in water and land management

Serious gaming is a growing field in which games are used to provide a fun and educational method of science communication. Gaming offers opportunities in communicating challenging and complex issues to stakeholders and communities to improve land management practices.

4 Jul 2023

‘Pick-a-Mix’ helps you find the sweet spot for growing crop mixtures

The way we currently produce food and other agricultural products is under threat from the changing climate, depleted biodiversity, and declining availability of natural resources used to boost productivity. We know that farming systems need to shift towards co-delivering for nature and net zero, but this needs to happen without compromising production and food security.

3 Jul 2023

Arable Scotland: Growing Every Year

On the 4th of July Arable Scotland returns for the 5th year, a field event which is becoming a firm favourite in the calendar with everyone interested in food production. Farmers, producers, researchers and the policy community come together to discuss key issues such as innovative and sustainable farming.

20 Jun 2023

BSAS 2023 – Farming with Nature

SEFARI Gateway was delighted to sponsor and host a session at the British Society of Animal Science (BSAS) Conference at the Birmingham International Conference Centre at the end of March. Its annual conference regularly attracts several hundred delegates, drawn from across academia and the livestock sector.

14 Jun 2023

Insects as animal feed in Scotland: poised for growth?

Scotland has the potential to become a global leader in the insect farming and industry, which could help with circular economy objectives, reducing food waste, and support the aquaculture, agriculture, and food and drink sectors. Equally, as there is an increasing demand for sustainable protein sources for animal feed in the country, insects could reduce our dependence on imported protein sources and create opportunities for local production.

25 May 2023

FEC Check: Understanding sheep roundworm egg count results at a glance

Roundworms are an ongoing challenge for sheep farmers in Scotland, threatening the health and welfare of animals. Whilst acute infection can be fatal, most roundworm infections result in poor growth rates and reduced production efficiency. To meet upcoming environmental targets, roundworm infections must be controlled effectively and sustainably.

16 May 2023

Low consumer fibre intake may be due to confusion over which foods contain fibre

In Scotland, the prevalence of those overweight and obese remains high. There are many lifestyle factors that contribute to obesity, but, in general a major contributor is the diet is too high in calories, and contains too much processed food, fats, sugars, and salt and too little fibre that is found in wholegrains and fruit and vegetables.