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WaterWall in Motion - A competition to share your water-related videos

WaterWall in Motion - A competition to share your water-related videos

River Landscape in Scotland

From waterfalls to lochs, hydroelectric power to fisheries, Scotland is a country shaped by, and built on, its precious water resources. In this exciting campaign we invite researchers, industry, NGOs and the public from across Scotland to share your experiences, knowledge and expertise of our water resources. If you enjoy the water environment for leisure, relaxation, study, or work and want to share your knowledge and experience please read on.

We’re eager to create a collective resource showing how we enjoy, monitor, research, innovate, manage and conserve our water resources. This is your opportunity to submit a short video as part of a competition. By getting involved we can highlight how Scotland, as a Hydro Nation, is leading the way in water-inspired activities, research, technology and management.

The Centre of Expertise for Waters (CREW) is hosting the WaterWall in Motion project on behalf of Scotland’s water community in celebration of the Year of Coasts and Waters (#YCW2021). This exciting collaborative opportunity is also supported by SEFARI Gateway and the Scottish Alliance for Geoscience, Environment and Society’s (SAGES) as part of the COP26 event series that brings together everyone’s knowledge and experience including top academics across Scotland’s Higher Education Institutes to discuss scientific solutions to climate and other water-related challenges.

All videos shared will be showcased on the WaterWall in Motion as an open access ‘one stop shop’ of information which could be used as a teaching resource and an engagement tool for the wider water community.

The WaterWall will feature at the Hydro Nation Virtual Pavilion and the Macaulay Lecture as part of the wider COP26 programme. Winning video entries, edited into a short, engaging film will be showcased at World Water Day (22nd March 2022). So, if you have a message you’d like to share, why not have a go at making a video? This can be done by simply using just your mobile phone, then select a Theme (listed below) and post the link to your video on the WaterWall in Motion website at: 

Themes include:

  • Water and wellbeing
  • Water inspired creativity
  • Droughts and floods
  • Water quality
  • Living with climate change
  • Freshwater restoration
  • Innovation in the water sector
  • Nature-based solutions

While you’re sharing your videos, why not have a look around the WaterWall in Motion website. You could find others within the community with similar interests or experiences, and perhaps you might be able to create networks and opportunities for new water research and activities.

Please join us to showcase and raise the profile of Scotland as a Hydro Nation, by participating in this competition, and engage with the water community on the issues that matter to you.

The competition closes on the 7th of January 2022.

Further information, terms and conditions can be found on the WaterWall in Motion Poster available at:


Dr Rachel Helliwell, CREW Manager, on behalf of the whole project team.

For further information contact:


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