SEFARI – Scottish Environment, Food and Agriculture Research Institutes

SEFARI aims to deliver ‘Leading Ideas for Better Lives’, reflecting that publicly funded research in Scotland must ultimately deliver positive impact for individuals, whether in Scotland or elsewhere.

As a collective, we collaborate to deliver the Scottish Government funded Strategic Research Programme 2016-2021 on agriculture, environment, food and land.

Case Studies

Food and Drink Innovation and Clustering in Scotland’s Highlands and Islands: review of opportunities for engagement with the Arctic Region

This preliminary research explored food and drink innovation and clustering in Scotland’s Highlands and Islands and reviewed potential opportunities for engagement with partners in the

  • Food & Drink Innovation

Mountain heights, hidden depths – biodiversity and carbon in Scotland’s alpine soils

The alpine zone supports some of Scotland’s most natural habitats.

  • Climate and the Environment
  • Plant and Animal Health

Potato tuber development and quality: Why do some potato varieties sprout more than others?

Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) is one of the world's most economically important food crops and holds major significance for future food security.

  • Agriculture
  • Plant and Animal Health
  • Climate and the Environment

High and dry - Drought resilience in alpine vegetation and soils

The alpine zone supports some of our most natural habitats and provides ecosystem services including carbon storage, nutrient cycling and water quality.

  • Climate and the Environment
  • Plant and Animal Health


12 Nov 2021

A Virtual Tour around Scotland’s Innovative Climate Research

With the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) underway, there is a spotlight on initiatives being taken by countries to address climate change. Do you want to know what Scotland is doing about it? Then join us on a virtual tour of some of SEFARI’s fascinating climate research.

9 Nov 2021

Showcasing excellence: a celebration of some incredible SEFARI women

Here at SEFARI, we take pride in our partner institutes and their outstanding achievements in research and informing policy.


24 Nov 2021

New research illustrates impact of Covid-19 pandemic on women in agriculture

“Delivering equality of opportunity will make Scottish agriculture a more resilient and economically sustainable industry and this will help women realise their potential and support business innovation.”

22 Nov 2021

Intercropping: exploitation of biodiversity benefits in arable fields

"The session aims to give a voice to scientists and stakeholders from different disciplines and regions to obtain feedback on research findings and practical applications of intercropping"


26 Apr 2022

A3 SCOTLAND Conference

The focus of the conference is: Transition to net zero.

A3 Scotland 2022 is an inaugural not-for-profit conference for the Animal Health, Agritech and Aquaculture (AAA) sectors to encourage innovation, investment and collaboration.

25 Apr 2022

Food & Drink Expo

One of the UK’s largest and most well-respected food and drink focused trade exhibitions, Food & Drink Expo is a biennial event for the grocery, food service, wholesale, manufacturing and speciality retail markets.


12 Nov 2021


The COP26 summit will bring parties together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Find out what activities SEFARI are involved in.



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