SEFARI – Scottish Environment, Food and Agriculture Research Institutes

SEFARI aims to deliver ‘Leading Ideas for Better Lives’, reflecting that publicly funded research in Scotland must ultimately deliver positive impact for individuals, whether in Scotland or elsewhere.

As a collective, we collaborate to deliver the Scottish Government funded Strategic Research Programme 2016-2021 on agriculture, environment, food and land.

Case Studies

Infrared Spectroscopy – Helping to Protect Scotland’s Soils

Infrared (IR) Spectroscopy is a versatile analytical technique that can characterise a wide

  • Climate and the Environment
  • Science Education

Exploring the Gender Pay Gap in Rural Scotland

This scoping study explored the extent of the gender pay gap in rural Scotland, how it has changed over recent years, and potential reasons that might explain its extent and fluctuations over time.

  • Rural Economy

The Impact of Change on Rural Businesses

Through a series of Rural Business Surveys, our research is developing a better understanding of the characteristics, contributions and aspirations of rural businesses across the South and North-East of Scotland. 

  • Rural Economy

Is the demographic tide turning for some Island Communities?

In recent months population trends in remote and Sparsely Populated Areas (SPA) of Scotland have become a political issue, not least due to fears about the likely impact of post-Brexit migration policy.

  • Rural Economy
  • Land and Communities


1 Jul 2019

Mitigating against, and adapting to, the effects of climate change: Grasslands and Crop Genetics

Finding ways to reduce and cope with the impact of climate change is vital to us all.

11 Jun 2019

Working with growers to manage the agronomic challenges to crop production

In this blog, Professor Fiona Burnett of SRUC shares her experiences of agronomy (a branch of agricultural science that deals with the study of crops and the soils in which they grow).


13 Sep 2019

IUFRO Scientific Achievement Award for Professor Maria Nijnik

"I am delighted that IUFRO have recognised the importance of social innovation and entrepreneurship in forestry as a means of delivering support to people, including forest-dependent communities, and helping in strengthening the resilience of socio-ecological systems"

11 Sep 2019

What's the philosophy of a Hydro Nation?

"Scotland's Hydro Nation Vision builds on the recognition that water is of central importance to the economy of Scotland, both as a sector in its own right and as a critical resource in Scotland’s manufacturing, agriculture, food and drink, tourism and energy sectors"




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