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Food and Drink Innovation

Food and Drink Innovation

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Globally we face significant food security challenges due to population growth, the requirement to live within environmental limits and changing geo-political factors. The need for innovation in the food and drink sector has never been greater, and SEFARI research focuses on innovation through science by reducing food waste, using waste differently, and considering what goes into our food products in the first place – as well as considering the efficiency of the systems which underpin the sector. All of this feeds into the Ambition 2030 growth targets for Scotland’s food and drink. SEFARI collaborates with businesses across the food chain, from farmers and growers, to processors, food companies and supermarkets to help drive the innovation agenda.

Case Studies

23 Nov 2023

Low-intensity cereal rotation and organic production can reduce the risk of mycotoxin contamination in oats

Mycotoxins are naturally occurring toxins produced by fungal infection of agricultural crops. Several hundred mycotoxins have been characterized in a wide range of food crops around the world, and new mycotoxins and mycotoxin metabolites are continuously discovered.

11 Oct 2021

Food and Drink Innovation and Clustering in Scotland’s Highlands and Islands: review of opportunities for engagement with the Arctic Region

This preliminary research explored food and drink innovation and clustering in Scotland’s Highlands and Islands and reviewed potential opportunities for engagement with partners in the Arctic region.

19 Jun 2020

Protein for Life – Supporting healthy ageing in partnership with the food sector

Protein intake is insufficient among middle-aged and older adults in the UK, and this insufficiency is a major contributor to ill health and disability.

5 May 2020

How can technology help ensure authenticity, provenance and traceability in Scottish Food Products?

The following case study summarises work delivered as part of a SEFARI Fellowship with Scotland Food and Drink (SFD) undertaken during 2019 to ascertain the current state of play regarding the technologies best suited to authenticity, provenance and traceability strategies. 

31 Oct 2019

Scotland’s Dinner Plate 2050

Leading industry and SEFARI science representatives from Scotland’s food, drink and agricultural sectors came together to discuss and speculate what Scotland’s dinner plate may look like in 2050. 

20 Mar 2019

Mycotoxin contamination in cereal products and human exposure from the diet

Mycotoxins are unavoidable, natural food contaminants which are produced by fungi growing on agricultural crops. Growth can occur in the field or in storage.

28 Jan 2019

Breeding to Reduce Methane Emissions from Beef Cattle

Beef production is very important for Scotland's economy (economic output of £851 million in 2017) and for providing the high quality and iconic, ‘Scotch Beef’ brand.

25 May 2018

Food Reformulation: Making Processed Foods Healthier

This article we will explain some some of the ways we are incorporating healthy ingredients from a variety of sources into recipes to develop novel formulations of foods.

17 May 2018

Science and Innovation:The Nutrients for Growing a UK Blueberry Industry

Blueberries have gained in popularity amongst UK consumers. Currently UK blueberries supply only 5% of demand and there is a huge opportunity to increase home grown supply. 

4 Apr 2018

Protein for Life – Developing food opportunities for a healthy, ageing population

'Protein for Life' is designed to identify and develop guidelines for protein products for healthy ageing (living a better, longer life) that are cost effective, sustainable and enjoyable.

28 Feb 2018

Make Innovation Happen: Helping Food and Drink Businesses Succeed

SEFARI is an important partner in ‘Make Innovation Happen’, which is an initiative coordinated by the Scotland Food and Drink Partnership.


16 Jul 2024 - 14:50

A feast for OnFARM listeners’ ears

What do hemp, barley, antimicrobial resistance and soft fruits have in common? They are the episode themes for a series of podcasts that SEFARI and SEFARI Gateway has created in partnership with OnFARM.

3 Jul 2023 - 22:31

Arable Scotland: Growing Every Year

On the 4th of July Arable Scotland returns for the 5th year, a field event which is becoming a firm favourite in the calendar with everyone interested in food production.

31 Jan 2023 - 16:45

Healthy environment, healthy milk: Explore our virtual farm tour

Fineview, a dairy farm managed by the Clark family in Dumfries and Galloway, is part of the innovative First Milk dairy cooperative which aims to deliver healthy fresh milk on sound environmental principles.