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Water Words

Water Words

View of Loch Lomond

Water is a vital and essential part of our lives, but the impact of climate change is leading to there being too much water in some places and too little in others. This presents challenges that will require sustainable solutions, tailored to not only the issue but also the locality. Consequently, it is important we understand the many and varied benefits of water as a resource, and how we can tackle the issues we face now, and in the future.

Ahead of World Water Day, and as part of other planned activities, we are delighted to announce the publication of a series of educational posters, designed to promote discussion, on four important water topics: ‘The Hydrological Cycle’, ‘Water and Farming in Scotland’, ‘Water and Climate Change in Scotland’ and ‘Water and Global Climate Change’.

Working with Scotland’s water sector and water users such as the farming sector, school children and teachers, we have designed this informative, engaging and fun series of educational posters on the important topic of water. We hope that by communicating a clear message about water, and explaining the very words used to best describe it and its many links to human life, young people and the general public will be better able to respond with real solutions in the places they live and work.

The project was funded by SEFARI Gateway’s Responsive Opportunity Scheme as part of the Scottish Government funded Strategic Research Portfolio. The creation of the series of posters was a collaborative venture which brought together scientists, teachers, knowledge exchange practitioners and designers from across the James Hutton Institute, Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), Scotland’s Centre of Expertise on Water (CREW), SEFARI Gateway, geography teachers at Dollar Academy, Scottish Agricultural Organisation Society (SAOS), and the professional design team at Ping Creates.

The first poster in the series outlines the water (hydrological) cycle and each subsequent poster discusses key issues related to water management, including the vital role of water in agriculture and the impact of climate change, both locally and globally.

The Hydrological Cycle:

This poster is aimed at those aged 14 and above and outlines the important stages in the water cycle from H2O falling as precipitation, draining into rivers which flow to the sea, before returning into the atmosphere via evaporation. Using easy to understand terms, the visualisation of the hydrological model in this poster serves as a useful aid in discussing how water is cycled around a catchment.

Water and Farming in Scotland:

This poster describes how water is fundamental in supporting all types of agriculture, and in the production of healthy safe food. Developed with SAOS and SRUC, it identifies how water requirements vary by geographical location and farming type. Using easy to understand terms and helpful graphics this map serves as a useful aid in discussing the different demands made on water by the food we produce in Scotland. 

Water and Climate Change in Scotland

Scotland’s climate is changing - generally to become wetter and warmer on the west and drier on the east.  Flooding, soil erosion and water restrictions are increasing. In this poster we outline some of the natural and man-made solutions being developed for these issues so that we can be more resilient to future changes. Using the map of Scotland as the backdrop to these challenges, a range of options as solutions to the challenge of water supply are indicated, which will hopefully to stimulate discussions.