28 May

Rewarding the Delivery of Public Goods: How to Achieve this in Practice

SEFARI is delighted to be one of several sponsors of this biennial conference, alongside the likes of SRUC and the James Hutton Institute. This is the twelfth iteration of Scotland’s Biennial Land Use and the Environment conference.

30 May

NSA Scotsheep - Moredun

NSA Scotsheep is Scotland's one-day premier event and is an important one in the calendar for sheep producers in Scotland, North of England & Ireland.

30 May

Scotland’s Food Future: SEFARI Annual Scottish Parliament Showcase

We face some great challenges around the food we eat, and where we get it from. In SEFARI, Scotland has its own world-leading expertise helping meet those challenges.

11 Jun

Gut Microbiology: No longer the forgotten Organ - Rowett INRA Conference 2018

The overall aim of the conference is to promote understanding of the role of the complex microbial ecosystems present in the digestive tract of man and animals, in maintaining health of the host.

5 Jul

Cereals in Practice 2018

Cereals in Practice is a unique annual showcase of variety trials and research organised by the James Hutton InstituteSRUC (Scotland's Rural College) and the 

19 Jul

Fruit for the Future 2018

Fruit for the Future is one of the James Hutton Institute’s most successful and long-running industry events and is aimed at farmers, agronomists, representatives of the food and drink industries, scientists and others interested in soft fruit.

9 Aug

Potatoes in Practice 2018

Potatoes in Practice is the largest field-based potato event in the UK. The event brings together a variety of demonstrations, research and trade exhibits in one place making it an essential date in the potato industry calendar.

25 Sep

Antimicrobials and Food Production: Should We Be Worried?

SEFARI is delighted to fund this cross-cutting event bringing together those from the food industry, academics, and policymakers to discuss and raise awareness of ongoing research on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in livestock production.