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Land and Communities

Land and Communities

The relationship between our land and people is crucial, particularly at a time when demographic, social, economic and environmental change is being experienced in rural areas across Scotland; from rural towns and their hinterlands, to coastal areas and islands. SEFARI research focuses on the resilience and wellbeing of Scotland’s rural communities and provides vital support and a wider view for other SEFARI work on environment, land-based industries, food and health. SEFARI research is designed to help people living in and using the rural landscape; it helps identify policies which can enhance community wellbeing and resilience; and it considers the role of empowerment, local participation and democracy.

Case Studies

13 Dec 2018

The Demographic Challenges Facing Scotland's Sparsely Populated Areas

This case study summarises ongoing work exploring how changes in the population of remote and rural areas in Scotland affect the social, economic and ecological resilience of these areas.

24 Jul 2018

Protecting our soil and securing the way ahead

A large proportion of the Scottish strategic road network in the Highlands is vulnerable to landslides.



12 Jul 2023 - 17:29

Using serious gaming to communicate challenging concepts in water and land management

Serious gaming is a growing field in which games are used to provide a fun and educational method of science communication. Gaming offers opportunities in communicating challenging and complex issues to stakeholders and communities to improve land management practices.

2 May 2023 - 13:59

Gender Inequality in Climate Change

The imbalance in the way climate change is affecting women has risen to the surface over the last few years and it is a topic I have recently become more aware of too. This much needed attention is shining a spotlight on our decision-making, policies, research and how it could impact our future.

15 Nov 2022 - 15:48

Vertical farming - is the sky the limit?

During COP26 the contribution of agriculture and food production to greenhouse gas emissions was discussed and, goals were set to tackle the global challenges of climate change.