18 Dec 2018

Spotlight on SEFARI: Research Highlights for 2017-2018

Spotlight provides a snapshot of our extensive range of policy, practice and innovation impacts, underpinned by robust, internationally competitive research. This Spotlight focuses on highlights from the second year of the SRP.

17 Oct 2018

Thomson, S., Et al. (2018) Farm Workers in Scottish Agriculture: Case Studies in the International Seasonal Migrant Labour Market

This report presents key findings from a project which aimed to provide a better understanding of the use of seasonal workers of non-UK origin in Scottish agriculture.

Rural Economy

8 Oct 2018

Aligning Policy Instruments for Biodiversity, Soil and Water

This report summarises the research done from May 2016 to March 2018 regarding aligning delivery
mechanisms that act on natural assets (biodiversity, soil and water).