22 Apr 2021

The Transport, Fate and Impact of Pharmaceuticals in the Environment in Scotland

A SEFARI Specialist Advisory Group was established to understand the level of risk of the most prevalent pharmaceuticals found in the environment as a result of (human) clinical use in the Scottish environment. Veterinary pharmaceuticals were not considered in this project.

22 Apr 2021

Enabling digital social innovations in environmental monitoring in support of Scotland’s green recovery and the SDG 2030 agenda: a suggested strategy 2021-2025

Delivered as part of SEFARI Fellowship with NatureScot and SEPA, this report sets out a draft vision for digital social innovations in environmental monitoring to address local to global scale environmental challenges and support a green recovery. Building on existing initiatives e.g.

13 Apr 2021

The costs of peatland restoration – data & analysis update 2021

Analysis of 2021 update of database based on the Peatland Action Programme in Scotland

24 Mar 2021

Understanding the response to Covid-19 - Exploring options for a resilient social and economic recovery in Scotland’s rural and island communities


What were we trying to find out?

This research considered the impacts of Covid-19 on rural and island communities, how resiliently they have responded; and the most effective ways forward for their recovery.

What did we do?

Rural Economy

17 Feb 2021

BSAS Conference Flyer

Plant and Animal Health

2 Feb 2021

3D RNA-seq Workshop Report

Science Education