8 Mar 2024

Celebrating the Inspiring Women in Gateway

Over the centuries women have led the way in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) making life changing discoveries, especially here in Scotland. This International Women’s Day we’re shining a light on some of the inspiring women we have working with us at Gateway.

5 Mar 2024

Do We Know What We Eat? - Proteomics in Meat Authentication

There is a well-known saying: "We are what we eat". But do we really know what we are eating? This is a difficult question to answer as in our interconnected and rapidly globalising world, getting food from farm to fork has become a complex and tangled web.

In this blog, Dr Renata Garbellini Duft (from the Rowett Institute) discusses how science is helping to identify the provenance of our food and, in particular, how proteomics can be used in meat authentication.

28 Feb 2024

Where are we on the reduction of food inflation?

The rising cost of food is an issue that concerns and affects everyone. Recent food inflation figures indicate food prices have started to fall, however, prices remain high and particularly for certain foods.

21 Nov 2023

F5 Future Food, Fisheries, Farming and Forestry Conference

The Scottish Government aims to become a global leader in sustainable agriculture, deliver high quality, nutritious food while minimizing impact on climate and our environment. This will clearly require a collaborative and inclusive approach to enable understanding of the competing issues and where different sectors can work more effectively together to achieve the required goals.

26 Sep 2023

Everyday Circularity: Researching behaviours and business practices in the transition to a Circular Economy

Overconsumption and high levels of resource use are challenges contributing significantly to the climate and biodiversity crises. Scotland is currently only 1.3% circular, meaning that over 98% of the products consumed in Scotland come from newly extracted materials, and only a small proportion of these materials are ‘cycled back’ into use in the economy.

21 Sep 2023

How to tackle TV interviews – SEFARI Gateway supported training

To help a group of scientists and experts across Scotland’s Scottish Environment, Food and Agriculture Research Institutions (SEFARI) build their skills around media engagement, SEFARI Gateway recently funded two media training sessions with former senior editors who now specialise in media training and strategic content at Second City Creative.

14 Aug 2023

Pack your bags…and join us on Solarpunk Island

We are well into the summer holidays and you might be dreaming of a desert island getaway. Well, look no further. It’s time to pack your bags and join us on Solarpunk Island!

31 Jul 2023

Botanics and Bioinformatics

One important and often overlooked aspect of PhD training is the chance to meet other researchers in the same or similar field as you, allowing for knowledge exchange and the forging of new connections.

Therefore, when the opportunity to visit other institutes across SEFARI arose, Karen wanted to capitalize on this. In this blog, find out about Karen’s experience as part of the SEFARI Gateway PhD Exchange Scheme - SEFARI’s second student to make the most of this opportunity.

12 Jul 2023

Using serious gaming to communicate challenging concepts in water and land management

Serious gaming is a growing field in which games are used to provide a fun and educational method of science communication. Gaming offers opportunities in communicating challenging and complex issues to stakeholders and communities to improve land management practices.

4 Jul 2023

‘Pick-a-Mix’ helps you find the sweet spot for growing crop mixtures

The way we currently produce food and other agricultural products is under threat from the changing climate, depleted biodiversity, and declining availability of natural resources used to boost productivity. We know that farming systems need to shift towards co-delivering for nature and net zero, but this needs to happen without compromising production and food security.