21 Sep 2022

Fishing for Health – Do our seafood supplies add up for dietary recommendations?

Many of us want to eat a healthier and more sustainable diet and eating more fish is often one option recommended.

However, SEFARI research has identified that, across Europe, dietary recommendations for fish consumption do not necessarily match national seafood supplies.

9 Sep 2022

5 Things you should try when writing an article

In this blog, Scott Grant, the marketing manager at James Hutton Limited, offers his advice and suggestions to help your article to stand out.

Scott has worked in professional services, higher education and loves to write.

26 Aug 2022

Creating opportunities to improve engagement with different audiences

Engaging with a group of people can be a daunting task. However, it is an invaluable activity which provides an interesting and exciting avenue to share our work, learn from others and even develop a new skillset.

19 Aug 2022

Converting the Scottish One Health AMR register into an Online Resource

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one of the biggest health-threats of modern time. A global survey in 2019 showed that it claimed more lives than HIV/AIDS or malaria, and AMR is one of the top 10 global public health threats facing humanity. Resistance to current drugs continues to emerge and grow, and there are insufficient new interventions on the horizon.

17 Jun 2022

Agriculture and Food Production: Measures for a Just Transition

Agriculture and food production contribute a large portion of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, account for approximately 20% of the world's total emissions. In Scotland, the picture is no different, where they contribute around a quarter of the total GHG emissions. Hence, it is important to address the transitions needed in these sectors in order to tackle climate change.

13 May 2022

“They seek it here, they seek it there” - studying integrated water management

In this blog, Dr Kerry Waylen, a senior researcher in the Social, Economic and Geographical Sciences Department at the James Hutton Institute, discusses the practical difficulties in aligning approaches to protect and improve water quality and ecology alongside those for managing flood risk.

29 Apr 2022

Could a Circular Food System contribute to Nutrition Security and Sufficiency? The Bean Hull Case

With growing pressures on food resources, agricultural inputs (e.g., energy, soil, water), production costs and the environment, many of us are looking at how we can reduce food wastage whilst still ensuring we get adequate nutrition.

13 Apr 2022

Happier than a pig in mud: Exploring the importance of human and livestock mental wellbeing

The interconnection between people, animals, and their shared environment has been recognized for over a century and recently, the term ’One Health’ has come to describe this connection.

31 Mar 2022

The youth fight against climate change continues…

The climate crisis is a problem of global significance and not everyone has the privilege of accessing resources, or having their voices heard. This includes those for whom climate change will impact the greatest – future generations, as often the views of experts and policy makers seem to be given preference over those of the youth.

11 Mar 2022

Water Words

Water is a vital and essential part of our lives, but the impact of climate change is leading to there being too much water in some places and too little in others. This presents challenges that will require sustainable solutions, tailored to not only the issue but also the locality. Consequently, it is important we understand the many and varied benefits of water as a resource, and how we can tackle the issues we face now, and in the future.