22 Jun 2020

Educational Activity: Become a Bug Hotel Builder!

As part of a series of educational materials being released by SEFARI, this blog offers an outdoor and active learning activity, whilst helping the environment too.

This activity, for children, is suitable for your own back garden and finds a good use for your garden waste by building shelters for your local wildlife from readily available natural materials. 

11 Jun 2020

Food for thought – exploring the food-gut-brain axis in Alzheimer’s disease

The research discussed in this blog is part of a programme of work to assess the role of dietary components in a healthy diet for an ageing population, particularly effects on mental and intestinal health.

3 Jun 2020

SEFARI Gateway Update

In this blog, we thought we’d let you know the latest developments from SEFARI Gateway, as we continue to work together even though we are currently physically apart.

1 Jun 2020

Barking up the right tree

In light of both climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic, the question of food security is increasingly important. Changes in rainfall and temperature, caused by climate change, will affect crop harvests and this could impact upon the availability and price of food.

22 May 2020

Sowing Wild Seeds

In these current challenging times, those of us lucky enough to have a garden, allotment or even a small amount of space in a window-box might be considering ‘growing our own’ food and wondering what we should plant. With a plethora of mail-order seeds available deciding what to grow can be challenging.

Here we consider the health benefits of eating edible wild plants, highlighted by ongoing SEFARI research.

18 May 2020

NSA and Moredun 'iceberg' disease webinars: The problem of subclinical disease lurking beneath the surface

In this blog, Chris Cousens and Craig Watkins (Moredun Research Institute) explain more about a series of webinars they are delivering with the National Sheep Association (NSA) and SRUC. The focus of these webinars is on “iceberg” diseases, those which often go unnoticed or unreported but have significant effects on sheep flocks.

11 May 2020

Soils and Crofting Resources: Diversity is Key to Life

In this blog, Professor Lorna Dawson outlines why soil is so important and how she has been involved in creating a range of online, free to access, educational resources on soils - focussing in particular on the soils of the crofts.

1 May 2020

How to be a nutritionist when you have no one to feed

During the COVID-19 crisis SEFARI research institutes are not able to conduct human nutrition trials but that doesn’t mean we can’t find other ways to help.

24 Apr 2020

Diet Detectives

In this blog we discuss our new project called Diet Detectives, which is supported by SEFARI Gateway's Responsive Opportunity Fund.

21 Apr 2020

Modelling for Pandemic Preparedness: A Need for a One Health Approach

The UK government stated strategy is to manage the COVID-19 pandemic “led by the science”. However, calls for more transparency about what this really means are getting louder.