31 May 2021

Monogram 2021: online event for crop research and plant breeding communities

The James Hutton Institute

“The meeting is an excellent opportunity for the more junior members of the community to give a talk alongside experts in the field which is vital in encouraging the next generation of crop scientists in the UK" More information from: 

26 May 2021

Partnership award to advance cereal science

The James Hutton Institute

Dr Sarah McKim (image credit: University of Dundee) “This award helps future-proof UK cereal science by cementing and initiating interactions for long lasting research collaborations and inward research investment”

24 May 2021

Johanna and Hechizo: a successful barley science placement

The James Hutton Institute

“It was great to have Johanna in Dundee. She managed to a large glasshouse experiment over the winter and had time to develop genetic marker assays as well as analyse the results"

19 May 2021

Scientists discover world-first cocktail for a longer life

The James Hutton Institute

"This work results from a fruitful scientific collaboration between BioSS and Glasgow Caledonian University, along with an international team of researchers"

19 May 2021

‘Forest gardens’ provide insight into sustainability of Guadeloupe’s agrobiodiversity

The James Hutton Institute

“We wanted to test and perfect a methodology (scientific, organisational and partnership) for small-scale farming practices in the forest undergrowth that would respect ecological balance”

17 May 2021

€10m European funding success for wildfire management project

The James Hutton Institute

Wild fire

14 May 2021

River partnership shortlisted for environment award

The James Hutton Institute

Dr Susan Cooksley, manager of the Dee Catchment Partnership

11 May 2021

‘Smart’ legume decisions raise hopes for more sustainable agriculture

The James Hutton Institute

"Crucially, we have shown that the plant has an even finer control over its nitrogen-fixing bacterial ‘guests’ in that it can recognise if a strain is relatively better than another"

10 May 2021

Sir Paul Grice appointed to James Hutton Institute Board

The James Hutton Institute

"Sir Paul Grice brings new and strategically-important insights, skills and knowledge to the Board that will contribute towards keeping Hutton and its work focused on delivering the greatest impact."

3 May 2021

Fascination of Plants Day: become a plant scientist for a day

The James Hutton Institute

"This year there is truly something for everyone; be sure to keep an eye on plantday18may.org for more updates and details."

28 Apr 2021

Blight studies reveal evolution of potato disease in Europe and Asia

The James Hutton Institute

“The blight pressure in 2020 was lower than average with a prolonged spell of warm, dry weather early in the season which checked the development of the disease in many regions”

21 Apr 2021

Improved management of farmed peatlands could cut 500m tonnes of CO2

The James Hutton Institute

"Not only does this strengthen the case for peatland restoration to contribute towards achieving net-zero, but it also offers adaptive management options for peatlands where continued agricultural use may be an economic and societal necessity"

21 Apr 2021

Environmental and agricultural research at centre of new Hutton-Utah State University partnership

The James Hutton Institute

"Everything from sophisticated vertical farming systems, which could be incredibly disruptive by making the growing of food independent from land and weather, through to regenerative agriculture and rewilding some of our land, these are all issues we are working on jointly"

20 Apr 2021

Views wanted on impact of COVID-19 on UK food and nutrition security

The James Hutton Institute

"We are actively seeking the views of anyone involved in the food system in the UK, such as farmers, processors, retailers and in the supply chain to help us inform pandemic recovery planning and future food system resilience"

19 Apr 2021

Hutton and Liberty Produce to help advance Singapore’s food sustainability and net-zero goals

The James Hutton Institute

"This project is a truly international collaborative effort and embodies the ethos of the new £27m Advanced Plant Growth Centre initiative.

16 Apr 2021

Aerial maps used to monitor peatland restoration on Balmoral Estate

The James Hutton Institute

3D map peatland

13 Apr 2021

Diversification the key in agrifood systems' fight against global 'triple threat'

The James Hutton Institute

Agrifood systems

12 Apr 2021

Worshipful Company of Fruiterers’ Matthew Mack Award presented to Dr Rex Brennan

The James Hutton Institute

"His work is outstanding and underpins our reputation for soft fruit breeding. Rex has also made enormous contributions to mentoring the next generation of Hutton soft fruit breeders and plant scientists"

8 Apr 2021

New mobile app puts soil erosion under the spotlight

The James Hutton Institute

"We are keen to hear from land managers, members of the public and other agencies if you think the soil erosion recording app is useful in helping to reduce soil erosion and if you are likely to use it."

7 Apr 2021

Scottish growers must remain vigilant about stink bug threat

The James Hutton Institute

“Growers are already very vigilant when it comes to monitoring pests and diseases in their crops and we hope that they will keep a close eye out for this particular pest and report it to the authorities if suspected.”