30 Jul 2021

Potatoes in Practice returns to Balruddery Farm

The James Hutton Institute

Notwithstanding the many challenges for the potato industry, Potatoes in Practice 2021 is shaping up to be a key forum for the discussion of key topics about the technical and business realities.

22 Jul 2021

New Scottish knowledge portal to offer access to wealth of research

The James Hutton Institute

Torry beach in Aberdeen after Storm Frank in 2015. (Credit: Marine Scotland)

16 Jul 2021

Hutton scientists welcome National Food Strategy report

The James Hutton Institute

“There is untapped potential for urban agriculture to shift food systems in sustainable directions; local producers need to be incentivised to develop horticulture that delivers meaningful local employment, reduces food miles and makes food local again"

15 Jul 2021

New study shows seafood supplies don't always satisfy dietary recommendations

The Rowett Institute

A new study has found that for many European countries - including the UK - there is not a large enough fish supply to meet the recommended national dietary requirements.

12 Jul 2021

Protecting against parasites - Scotland's Farm Advisory Service


Moredun were asked recently by SAC’s Farm Advisory Service if we’d be prepared to do a piece to camera on ‘Parasites and Climate Change’ for their newly-launched FAS TV YouTube channel.

10 Jul 2021

National Islands Plan survey paints mixed picture of life in Scottish islands

The James Hutton Institute

“This is a big step forward in understanding the realities of life across Scotland's islands and improving the islands’ evidence base.”

7 Jul 2021

New research highlights farmer attitudes towards dairy production systems

The James Hutton Institute

“The mainstream view among key stakeholders was that differences between systems – grazing or indoor – don’t matter for animal welfare, economic or environmental outcomes, but management is more important.”

2 Jul 2021

Forum Carpaticum discusses sustainability, wellbeing and social innovation in marginalised mountain areas

The James Hutton Institute

“Social innovation is seen as a driving force and a means to promote sustainable development.

30 Jun 2021

Microbiota-directed food formulation

The Rowett Institute

The gut health research group at the Rowett Institute investigate the microbial species that reside in our intestines.

29 Jun 2021

Dee river partnership seeks public feedback

The James Hutton Institute

“We want to hear people’s thoughts on our achievements so far – what we’ve done well, but also what we need to do better, or more of - to help us prioritise our actions for the next decade.

28 Jun 2021

High Commissioner of Kenya visits the James Hutton Institute in Dundee

The James Hutton Institute

“This was a great opportunity to discuss the collaborations we have with Kenyan institutions, particularly on potatoes." The James Hutton Institute was delighted to welcome a visit by His Excellency Mr Manoah Esipisu, High Commissioner of Kenya to the UK, and his team to our Dundee site.

22 Jun 2021

Arable Scotland's Arable Conversations: Net-Zero - Making Carbon Pay

The James Hutton Institute

"Scotland has a legally binding commitment of being net-zero by 2045, and a 31% reduction is required in emissions from agriculture by 2032."

22 Jun 2021

Farmers and crofters – can you help shape the future of farming practices in Scotland?

The James Hutton Institute

"There is increasing interest amongst policy makers about agroecological farming approaches – and whether these types of practices improve sustainability and how they can increase the resilience of agricultural businesses in Scotland to cope with external shocks such as the COVID-19 crisis, biodiversity loss or clim

21 Jun 2021

International Barley Hub Seminar Series: Barley Varieties - The Recommendation System

The James Hutton Institute

"Barley breeders are continually developing new varieties and introducing them into the market; it is not always easy for the farmer understand which of the new varieties might suit their farming system."

18 Jun 2021

Arable Scotland's Arable Conversations: Sustainable Rotations and Soils, Legumes, Cover Crops and Cash Crops

The James Hutton Institute

"What do we need to measure to understand if a rotation is sustainable, particularly in terms of cropping, soil, and climate change?"

14 Jun 2021

Work your muscles for metabolism

The Rowett Institute

Research carried out by scientists at the University of Aberdeen's Rowett Institute finds that exercise may help patients with metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

10 Jun 2021

Brainfood: Researchers find brain area associated with protein cravings

The Rowett Institute

New research from scientists at the Universities of Aberdeen, Leicester and UiT, The Arctic University of Norway, has identified an area of the brain that may drive cravings for protein-rich food.

9 Jun 2021

New UK-Europe partnership to exploit barley resources and speed up breeding

The James Hutton Institute

“With the current development of the International Barley Hub at the James Hutton Institute, it is the perfect time for this award.

8 Jun 2021

Berry latest research on show at Fruit for the Future 2021

The James Hutton Institute

After a virtual stint last year, the event is returning to its usual format of in-person fruit walks at the Hutton site in Invergowrie.

8 Jun 2021

Arable Scotland 2021: spotlight on markets, IPM, sustainability and net-zero

The James Hutton Institute

Focusing on the topics of alternative markets and new cash crops, integrated pest management, sustainable crop rotations and reaching net-zero, the online programme will share the latest research and technical information and offer analysis from industry experts.