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Gillian Mitchell

Gillian Mitchell

Gillian Mitchell

  +44 (0)131 445 5111

Bush Loan
EH26 0PZ


I am a research assistant, based at the Moredun Research Institute, providing technical support for the ongoing research towards the sustainable control of helminth parasites of livestock, with an emphasis on trematode (flatworm) parasites. I have experience with the application of molecular methods in novel diagnostics and the detection and management of anthelmintic resistance. My current ongoing work includes monitoring fluke disease in the environment, utilising Multiplexed-tandem PCR and DNA barcoding techniques for high-throughput species identification, and identifying anthelmintic resistance in nematode populations. I also enjoy knowledge exchange and have an interest in science communication. I regularly attend agricultural shows, farmer workshops, on-farm events and conferences to communicate our work directly to farmers. I am also involved in STEM events - helping to explain complex ideas and techniques to members of the public and students at various science festivals, workshops and career events.

Leading Ideas

  • Plant and Animal Health
  • Greenhouse Gas Mitigation
  • Livestock Health
  • Livestock Diseases

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