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Strategic Research Programme

Strategic Research Programme

The Scottish Government funded Strategic Research Programme 2016-2021 (SRP) on agriculture, environment, food and land represents £250m of funding over five years to tackle issues across Plant and Animal Health, Rural Economy, Agriculture, Land and Communities, Climate and the Environment, Food and Drink Innovation, Healthier Foods and Science Education.

This investment is one of the largest for research and development focused on agriculture, environment, food and land in the UK. This approach is unique in the UK, as there is no equivalent research portfolio delivering multidisciplinary and, increasingly, interdisciplinary research at the national level. 

Connected to the SRP are the Scottish Centres of Expertise on climate, water and animal disease, whose remit focuses on areas of high policy relevance. These Centres draw upon the expertise of some our researchers and others from research and academic institutions across Scotland. 

There have been two previous SRPs between 2005-2010 and 2011-2016. This research is still important today, as the ideas and technologies from this work are still coming to fruition and are helping to inform the research taking place today and in the future. Investment provided by the Scottish Government is also vital in training our next generation of scientists, supporting integral research infrastructure and underpinning partnerships with others; this ensures the greatest possible impact from this research in Scotland and across the world.