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The search is on for the UK's best NEWBIE entrant farmers

The search is on for the UK's best NEWBIE entrant farmers

Lynbreck Croft managers Lynn Cassells and Sandra Baer (photo Lynbreck Croft)
“If you represent a farm business or if you know of a farm business that demonstrates innovation and resilience, we want to hear from you: submit your entry for the NEWBIE Award 2019”
Lynbreck Croft, in the Cairngorms National Park (courtesy Lynbreck Croft)

The James Hutton Institute, as part of the EU-funded NEWBIE project (New Entrant netWork: Business models for Innovation, entrepreneurship and resilience in European agriculture), is again calling for applications for the 2019 NEWBIE Award, which highlights the work of pioneering new entrant farmers across the UK.

The NEWBIE project offers an award to new entrants in 8 European countries including the UK, as part of a suite of opportunities aiming to help new farmers, crofters and smallholders network and develop successful businesses.

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