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SAGES OnLine Annual Science Meeting 2020

SAGES OnLine Annual Science Meeting 2020

SAGES ASM OnLine. A showcase of geoscience research highlights. Featuring daily @noon public webinars on COP26 and the Climate Emergency.

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Date & Time

24th - 26th November 2020 - 12:00-15:00


We invite all SAGES and SEFARI members – student, professor and everyone in between, individually or in groups – to showcase a highlight of their work for the SAGES/SEFARI community online. Highlights could be about a research project, a scientific or technical breakthrough, a report on a recently published paper, a collaborative initiative between SAGES and other partners, a creative interdisciplinary project, an industry placement, an outreach or public engagement activity, or a research visit.

We bring together these highlights in an online showcase format, to share, inspire and engage our community in the absence of being able to network and exchange information face to face.

Submissions should be designed to encourage clear and concise summaries that can be understood and appreciated by those across all areas of Geosciences, and to ensure that they can be easily read on a variety of screens. Some sessions ask for a two-minute pre-recorded commentary to accompany your submission.

Live 60 min presentations/discussion/Q&A sessions (via Zoom) will be held for each area during the days of 24 – 26 November. Each session will be organised slightly differently depending on the number of submissions in the theme, with some allowing short introductions by each author before opening for discussion, others opening straight to questions to the authors, and others being used to discuss the activities within that theme across SAGES.

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