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Mobility Patterns of Young People in Rural Contexts

Mobility Patterns of Young People in Rural Contexts

Youth migration patterns in rural communities remain a significant concern, with increasing levels of youth retention, in-migration, and return being seen as key to longer-term population sustainability. So why not an insightful online panel discussion to engage in discussion on young people's mobility patterns in rural contexts?

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The free online event (11-12.30, 12th June), funded as part of a SEFARI Gateway Specialist Advisory Group, will gather interdisciplinary academics to provide greater insights on:

  • the home and hearth: the influence of rural housing challenges on migration decisions (Dr Ana Vain and Dr Jane Atterton, Scotland's Rural College);
  • the role of social connections in shaping young people's mobility paterns in rural contexts (Dr Emilia Pietka-Nykaza and Dr Rosie Alexander, University of the West of Scotland)
  • and complexities of rural return-related mobilities in the Irish context (Dr Caitriona Ni Laoire, University of College Cork).

Whether you're interested in rural development, migration studies, or youth studies, this event is perfect for you.

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This event is part of the Moving, Being and Belonging Conference organised by the Centre for Migration, Diaspora, Citizenship, and Identity at the University of the West of Scotland. The conference is being held on 11th and 12th June and further information about the conference programme is available here.


Event will take place online and is organsied by Emilia Pietka-Nykaza, University of the West of Scotland.