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High Performance Computing and Data Sharing - Virtual Workshop

High Performance Computing and Data Sharing - Virtual Workshop


Science is becoming ever more data driven, with many aspects of biology requiring increasing levels of computing power for data analysis, visualization, mathematical modelling, data simulations and computational biology. This SEFARI Gateway Responsive Opportunity Funded (ROF) online workshop aims to facilliate discussions on how we can improve research computing capabilities, enhance future innovations and new scientific discoveries, and put these ideas into practice. The workshop is open to colleagues working across the Scottish Government Research Portfolio.

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Date & Time

23rd-25th March 2021 - 13:00-16:30


Aims of the workshop

(1) Train users in collaborative best-practices for the analysis of large and complex datasets using high-performance computing (HPC). 

(2) Develop plans for making scientific data more widely accessible and explorable, following FAIR data principles and supporting the wider Open Science agenda.


The workshop will be delivered using a video conferencing platform and combine short talks, practical sessions and discussions.

For further details and application form please access this google form :

Application deadline is 02 March 2021.


Provisional content (subject to change)

Day 1 (13:00-16:30)- Sharing multi user HPC resources (e.g. overview of crop diversity HPC resource, intro to Linux, accessing a cluster, job submission)

Day 2 (13:00-16:30) -Environments for reproducible research (e.g. using package managers and containers)

Day 3 (13:00-15:30) - FAIR principles for scientific data management and data sharing and (16:00) - Talk by Professor Andrew J Millar (FRS FRSE) followed by discussion on data sharing across SEFARI


This meeting is being organised by SEFARI (the James Hutton Institute, BioSS, SRUC and the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh). 

Please email Sue Jones ( if you require further information.


This workshop builds upon the project team's previous work in this area, see their blog.

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