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Supporting Agriculture and Rural Development Policy


SEFARI researchers (James Hutton Institute and SRUC) provide analytical support and expert advice to inform future agricultural policy decisions in Scotland. They provided expert and analytical support for the Agriculture Champions, the Farmer Led Groups and the Agriculture Reform Implementation Oversight Board (ARIOB). The policy advice provided is varied and draws on a range of strands of research undertaken in previous and current Strategic Research Programmes including the Greening Review; analysis of Areas facing Natural Constraint; assessment of GHG emissions and mitigation potential for main Scottish farm sectors; estimation of support flowing to farm enterprise types; metrics and explanatory factors regarding agricultural productivity and farm business viability; re-distributive impacts of CAP 2014 reforms. Some such advice is developed in collaboration with analysts in RESAS and teams in the Scottish Government’s Rural Payments and Inspections Division, for example, an analysis of changes in farm payments between 2014 and 2019. The findings were presented to the Agriculture and Rural Development Stakeholder Group. Outputs included maps and graphs of estimates of changes in support payments by agricultural region and farm type, such as changes in CAP Pillar I payments (2014 to 2019), and payments under the Forestry Grant Scheme (2015 to 2019) and Agri-Environment Climate Scheme (2015 to 2019), all at the level of farm holdings across Scotland. These maps and data were used in discussions with Scottish Government policy leads and published through the ARD Stakeholders meeting (December 2021). 

Presented by David Miller, James Hutton Insitute at the RESAS Science, Evidence and Policy Conference, 18th May 2023


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