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Scotland's Centres of Expertise


The Centres of Expertise (CoE) work at the interface between policy and research, and provide responsive work in areas of high policy importance: climate change, animal disease outbreaks, plant health, water, knowledge exchange and impact . The Centres draw upon the expertise of the researchers of the Scottish Environment, Food and Agriculture Research Institutes (SEFARI), universities, government agencies and research organisations across Scotland. The Centres of Expertise are part of a wider Scottish Government funded Strategic Research Portfolio for environment, land, agriculture, food, rural communities and economy, and includes a mid to long term focused Strategic Research Programme (SRP), Innovation Partnerships and Underpinning Capacity funding of national resources and capabilities. Each Centre has its own style, leadership and governance, but all have the same ethos: delivering evidence with impact. In this leaflet, each CoE highlights examples of where that impact has really made a difference.


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