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Roles of Spatial Data by Regional Land Use Partnerships Report (Draft)


The Scottish Government Programme for Government (2021/22) commits to the creation of Regional Land Use Partnerships (RLUPs) and Regional Land Use Framework (RLUFs), as set out in the Land Use Strategy. In spring 2021 it announced five pilot Partnerships for testing approaches and practicalities, with particular reference to governance and local engagement. 

To inform discussion of the needs of the RLUPs in achieving their aims and undertaken activities, the Scottish Land Commission and SEFARI Gateway formed a Think Tank on Spatial Data. The aims were to: i) identify the types of spatial data available for Scotland that may be relevant to the remit and operation of the RLUPs; ii) the types of uses of spatial data to comment on requirements and limitations of its usability; iii) human and technical resources required to enable the use of spatial data by the RLUPs.

The following report provides: i) a summary of the spatial data hubs and portals containing data which are likely to be of relevance to the RLUPs; ii) a set of 18 example uses of spatial data, noting their purpose, intended audiences, spatial data requirements and sources, technical and human resources required, and additional comments and references as appropriate; iii) a discussion of the human and technical resources which are likely to be required, and issues arising. iv) conclusions providing reflections on the use of spatial data by the RLUPs. 


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