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Gagkas, Z. (2021). Scoping for developing an integrated digital data approach for land-use statistics in Scotland


This report provides a review of land and environmental monitoring and modelling programmes in England and Wales and draws lessons to build the case for developing a Scottish integrated approach for environmental and land-use statistics, to support evidencebased decision and policy making for the land and agricultural sectors. Review findings and relevant literature are synthesized to provide recommendations for the development of the different components of a Scottish integrated approach to environmental and land-use data, regarding its governance options, utilisation of existing ICT infrastructure, methods, and datasets, alignment and coordination with strategic research programmes and the role of emerging digital and spatial technologies for new data collection and monitoring. This report also provides an indicative timescale for implementation and delivery. Finally, data-related issues are highlighted that pose potential risks to the delivery of the integrated approach for land-use statistics and suggestions are made for minimising their impacts.


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