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Funding Call: Joint Fellowship with SEFARI Gateway and Cairngorms National Park Authority


SEFARI Gateway is delighted to provide funding for a new Fellowship with the Cairngorms National Park Authority as part of the Cairngorms 2030 programme. 

SEFARI Fellowships are bespoke, responsive opportunities aiming to develop a shared understanding between researchers and stakeholders, and to prioritise areas for common effort that can be supported by research knowledge and expertise. This interdisciplinary opportunity is aimed at an individual or team, and requires the review of a diverse range of projects across the fields of health, active travel, community empowerment, net zero transition, land management and behaviour change.

This opportunity is available to staff from the SEFARI institutes, the Centres of Expertise and Higher Education Institutes (HEI) across the UK.

The intended outcomes for the Fellowship are recommendations for a set of indicators, and associated data collection/analysis methodologies, to demonstrate progress towards achieving the outcomes of the Cairngorms 2030 programme, and the outcomes of the National Lottery Heritage Fund. These recommendations will inform the development of a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan. 

The deadline for applications to this Fellowship is the 26th of September 2022, with interviews to be held within two weeks following that date. Notes of interest should be made to:


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