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Dr Lorna Cole

Riparian buffer strips: their role in the conservation of insect pollinators in intensive grassland systems

Dr Lorna Cole

Lorna Cole

  01292 525 295

Land Economy, Environment & Society, SRUC,

JF Niven Building,

Ayr, KA6 5HW


Lorna is an agricultural ecologist at Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) and lectures on their Wildlife and Conservation Management Degree.

Lorna believes that feeding our growing world population whilst protecting our environment is the greatest challenge we face. Her research has a strong focus on exploring how biodiversity goals can be positively incorporated into agricultural systems and how this can be achieved in an economically viable way.

Lorna is particularly interested in beneficial insects, including pollinators and predatory beetles. The focus of her research is increasing our understanding of how agricultural practices influence these insects and the ecosystem services they deliver. Her research aims to identify agro-ecological practices that will enhance the sustainability of agricultural systems to future challenges.

Lorna primarily conducts research on working farms giving her a strong practical knowledge of farming systems. This knowledge enables her to ensure that management recommendations resulting from her research are practical and realistic to achieve on the ground.

Her current research focuses on the ecology, spatial distribution and functional diversity of pollinators within intensive agricultural landscapes.

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