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Dr J William Allwood

Dr J William Allwood

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Will Allwood

James Hutton Institute
Errol Road


For over 19 years Will has made major contributions in the field of metabolomics and metabolite profiling. He is interested in the study and development of chromatography - linked - mass spectrometry (LC and GC) for a range of applications in the fields of plant-physiology, pathology and insect interactions, as well as natural product discovery. Will was a core researcher within the two teams who were first recognised for applying metabolomics approaches to the study of plant disease and insect interactions. Will has previously run and provided metabolic profiling services within the Universities of Manchester and Birmingham across many plant science, microbiological and clinical, studies.  Will is currently responsible for the LC-MS metabolomics services at James Hutton Institute – Dundee, where he serves as both an LC-MS technologist and a research scientist. Will also serves as the current deputy leader of the Plant Biochemistry and Food Quality (PBFQ) programme.