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Dr Emma Baxter

Dr Emma Baxter

Emma Baxter

 0131 651 9354

Animal & Veterinary Sciences,


Roslin Institute Building,

Easter Bush, Midlothian

EH25 9RG


My research interests include:

  • Neonatal survival.
  • Developing alternative farrowing and lactation systems for sows and litters.
  • Implementing uptake of high welfare systems and practices.
  • Mitigating the health and welfare impacts of selection for production traits such as hyper-prolificacy.
  • Using technology to allow early detection of animal health and welfare problems.
  • Optimising performance of high welfare systems using genetic selection strategies.
  • Understanding the short- and long-term health and welfare benefits of positive early-life experiences and understanding negative affective states in sows (e.g. hunger and exhaustion) and their impact on mother and offspring (pre- and post-natal).

Leading Ideas

  • Livestock Diseases
  • Livestock Health

Area of Strategic Research Programme

Further information the Scottish Government's Strategic Research Programme is available

  • Theme 2: Productive and sustainable land management and Rural Economies
  • 2.2 - Livestock Production, Health, Welfare, and Disease Control
  • 2.2.8 Improved husbandry & reduction of painful procedures