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Dr Dan Price

Dr Dan Price

Dan Price

Bush Loan
EH26 0PZ


Dan started his MRI fellowship in April 2019. The aim is to develop novel control approaches for ectoparasites of veterinary importance.

Throughout his research career to date, he has used functional genomic approaches to better understand mechanisms of host/parasite and host/symbiont interactions. Using these tools, Dan’s overall aim is to better understand parasite biology, in particular how parasites are able to exploit their host.

With a better understanding host:parasite interactions, Dan hopes to develop interventions to protect livestock of veterinary importance against parasites.


Current Research

As part of his Fellowship, Dan is actively involved in the following research projects:

  • Development of gene disruption technologies (such as RNA interference) to study function of parasite genes.
  • Identification of nutrient provisioning bacteria from obligate blood-feeding ectoparasites of veterinary importance.
  • Development of ovine “mini-gut” organoids for studying host:parasite interactions.