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Dr Carol-Anne Duthie

Dr Carol-Anne Duthie

Carol-Anne Duthie

 0131 651 9301

Beef and Sheep Research Centre,

Future Farming Systems, SRUC,

Roslin Institute Building,

Easter Bush, Midlothian

EH25 9RG


My research interests focus predominantly on understanding and optimising the productive efficiency of ruminant production systems (mainly beef and sheep, but also dairy). My key interests include:

  • Optimising feed efficiency of production systems.
  • Characterising greenhouse gas outputs from ruminant production systems.
  • Reducing the environmental impact of beef production systems (improved efficiency, mitigation strategies).
  • Precision livestock farming solutions across and range of production systems (intensive through to extensive systems). My work involves the development and use of technology to measure and report important characteristics of individual animals and their environment. This is essential to optimise health, welfare and productive output. I am also interested in combining technologies and integrated data streams to develop appropriate decision support platforms. A large proportion of my work involves collaborating with industry.
  • Interest around optimising quality of the final product (carcass quality, sensory quality and nutritional value).

Leading Ideas

  • Agricultural Systems and Land Management

Area of Strategic Research Programme

Further information the Scottish Government's Strategic Research Programme is available

  • Theme 2: Productive and sustainable land management and Rural Economies
  • 2.3 - Productive and Sustainable Land Management
  • 2.3.10 Using and sharing data across supply chains