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Dr Carol-Ann Craig

Dr Carol-Ann Craig

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Carol-Ann Craig

James Hutton Institute
Errol Road


I have analysed waters from all over Scotland for their Strontium isotope signature as part of the National Waters Inventory for Scotland (NWIS) which is funded by the Scottish Government. In the summer of 2011 I developed new Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium isotope methods for looking at plant and soil materials and I hope to use these methods again soon. I am also in the process of analysing soils from the Institute's National Soil Archive collection for Sr isotopes to produce a Scottish Sr soil isoscape.

Some of my current commercial work involves the analysis of rock cores for Samarium and Neodymium isotope analysis to determine their provenance. I also regularly analyse the Strontium isotope ratios of the salts in pore spaces of rock cores and some production waters, to aid a better understanding of their stratigraphy and connectivity.

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