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Dr Alan Sneddon

Differences in expenditure and amounts of fresh foods, fruits and vegetables, and fish purchased in urban and rural Scotland

Alan Sneddon

 +44 (0) 1224 438671

The Rowett Institute
Ashgrove Rd W
AB25 2ZD


I am a Principal Investigator and my main interests lie in the role of dietary micronutrients (minerals and vitamins) in promoting health and preventing disease.  I am interested in assessing levels of micronutrients in various food products and in tissues and in developing improved biomarkers to assess/improve nutrient bioavailability and micronutrient status. A further aspect of this work is in determining levels of heavy metals within Scottish foods which is being carried out with Food Standards Scotland in order to monitor potential health risks to the consumer and which ultimately could identify strategies that minimize risk and produce safe, healthy food.

I am also currently Deputy Editor for British Journal of Nutrition and you can find more about my research interests and activities here.

Research Papers (DOI)

Leading Ideas

  • Food Safety
  • Healthier Foods

Area of Strategic Research Programme

Further information the Scottish Government's Strategic Research Programme is available

  • Theme 3: Food, Health and Wellbeing
  • 3.1 - Improving Primary Produce
  • 3.1.3 Food safety
  • Theme 2: Productive and sustainable land management and Rural Economies
  • 2.3 - Productive and Sustainable Land Management
  • 2.3.1 Improvement of livestock