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Alexa Green

Alexa Green

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Alexa Green

Scotland’s Rural College
W Mains Rd


I am an early career researcher interested in the intersection between humans and the environment. My research focuses on how we can create transformational changes in our society to ensure a sustainable way of living for people and planet.

I am involved in a variety of projects that utilise my skills in qualitative research, stakeholder engagement and knowledge exchange. I also spend some of my time assisting in the delivery of the Environmental Protection and Management MSc.

I have a BSc in Psychology and a BA in Sustainability Studies from the University of Florida, USA, as well as an MSc in Environmental Protection and Management from the University of Edinburgh.

Before this role I worked for a non-profit organisation in the US and focused on improving recycling systems for national parks. I enjoy being out in nature, exploring new places, and learning new skills.