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Biannual Research Updates

Biannual Research Updates

SEFARI delivers the Scottish Government funded Strategic Research Programme 2016-2021 (SRP) on agriculture, environment, food and land, providing direct and tangible benefits across diverse issues. 

Here we provide technical reports from the SRP as presented to the Operational Group of the Strategic Advisory Board for RESAS Science - the Scottish Government body that is accountable for the strategic research budget. You can find more about the Board here.

These reports present highlights and impacts from the SRP over six month periods. The reports are structured by three themes: Natural Assets, Productive and Sustainable Land Management and Rural Economies, and Food, Health and Wellbeing. Each Theme contains four Work Packages which in turn contain a number of Research Deliverables. 

The reports are written for a more technical audience with some familiarity with the SRP. We also produce a Spotlight report which is an annual version of these reports written in plain english and for those with no previous knowledge of the SRP. 

The reports are relatively new and we are currently creating the same format for previous updates for the SRP.