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Research Highlights 2016-2017

Research Highlights 2016-2017

SEFARI is delighted to launch our ‘Spotlight’ document. This highlights research from the first year of the current five year strategic research programme (2016-2021). This represents an investment of £34 million by Scottish Government for 2016-2017. Spotlight illustrates how SEFARI research is leading ideas within Scotland, the UK and globally.


Spotlight provides a snapshot of our extensive range of policy, practice and innovation impacts, underpinned by robust, internationally competitive research. Amongst the research in this edition are examples related, but not limited to, safeguarding plant and animal health, making Scotland’s food and drink sector more resilient, improving human health and nutrition, protecting Scotland’s vital natural resources as well as mitigating the threat of flooding.  

SEFARI has links with researchers in over 70 countries and is delivering research innovation worldwide. In 2016-2017 SEFARI was engaged in 356 external collaborative projects, over a half of which involve international partners. Such interactions both transfer SEFARI expertise to global issues, including climate change, water resources, food security but also bring wider UK and international expertise to Scotland. 

Our research is made possible by mid to long term investment in areas of research which are challenging, complex, and yet have the potential to result in major benefits for Scotland, UK and globally. The economic benefits of the of the previous five year (2011-2016) strategic research programme have been estimated in a recent impact assessment. SEFARI is demonstrably delivering both direct and indirect benefits; but it is likely that the real impact from these examples will manifest considerably beyond this funding cycle. 

This is the first Spotlight to be put out under the name of SEFARI but you can also read previous ones for the years 2011-20122012-20132013-2014 and 2015-2016.