22 Dec 2020

3D buffer strips: towards practical actions under a new Agriculture Bill

The James Hutton Institute

“With this work we hope to provide evidence for improved advice and guidance on buffer design options and their effectiveness at field and catchment scale. Demonstration studies would increase awareness and potential uptake as part of a shared agenda with Natural Flood Management communities”

17 Dec 2020

James Hutton Institute welcomes Tay Cities Deal signing and highlights urgency of innovation projects

The James Hutton Institute

“We must unlock the benefits of this investment with urgency and so look forward now to working with the Scottish and UK Governments and our partners in Tayside to finalise a workable funding schedule over the coming weeks.

16 Dec 2020

New research shows increased camouflage mismatch in mountain hares due to climate change

The James Hutton Institute

“The camouflage mismatch of mountain hares is really surprising and worrying, and suggest that some wild animals can’t adapt quick enough to match the rate of climate change”

14 Dec 2020

Mayan Gold tatties for Tayside food banks

The James Hutton Institute

Mayan Gold “We had a good harvest of Mayan Gold and Vales Sovereign potatoes this year despite all the disruptions due to COVID19, and given it has been a hard year for many we saw this as an opportunity to do something positive and help communities across Tayside”

9 Dec 2020

Dr Jorunn Bos awarded EU Consolidator Grant for crop protection research

The James Hutton Institute

“This project is building on years of work by members of my team, past and present, and without them this would not have been possible”

8 Dec 2020

HydroGlen: transforming Glensaugh farm into a renewable powerhouse

The James Hutton Institute

“We aim to demonstrate that communities can achieve energy self-sufficiency from a triple energy vector perspective – electricity, heating and transport fuel - and that additional associated-decarbonisation activities are possible and feasible”

4 Dec 2020

World Soil Day: heads up - the answer lies under our feet

The James Hutton Institute

"Ensuring that food is produced in a way that is good for the environment requires healthy soils, innovation, and a redesign of our food systems from farm to fork" By Pete Iannetta, Alison Karley, Cathy Hawes and David Michie More information from: 

2 Dec 2020

Serbian researchers learn communication and knowledge exchange best practices

In conjunction with Agri-EPI, SEFARI Gateway recently held a virtual communication workshop aimed at enhancing the communication and knowledge exchange skills of researchers working at the

1 Dec 2020

Nature of Scotland Award for innovative work to protect biodiversity

The James Hutton Institute

"We’re very pleased as an Institute to contribute to the development of methods to assess species genetic diversity and contribute to the conservation of Scotland’s biodiversity"

26 Nov 2020

SEFARI Scientists Receive Innovation Award

SEFARI scientists have been recognised for their innovative work on conserving genetic diversity by the Nature of Scotland Award 2020.

26 Nov 2020

A journey from source to sea: travelling along the River Dee

The James Hutton Institute

"We were keen to show the connections between the top and bottom of the river – and that issues at the bottom of the catchment depend very much on what happens at the top"

25 Nov 2020

Barley pan-genome: scientists unravel diversity of domesticated barley

The James Hutton Institute

“We now know for sure that in the future, structural variation will need to be accounted for in barley research and breeding”

24 Nov 2020

Professor Ian Toth recognised with British Potato Industry Award 2020

The James Hutton Institute

"It is a big honour for me to receive this award and I am humbled by the recognition by an industry where everyone works extremely hard and all deserve an award. So too to the other scientists that strive to make a difference to the industry"

23 Nov 2020

Breathing new life into the Beltie burn

The James Hutton Institute

"A small step for mankind, a giant one for the Dee catchment"

16 Nov 2020

Spotlight on natural capital approaches to support sustainable land management in Scotland

The James Hutton Institute

“Participants will be able to benefit by learning from the suite of existing pilots, making further adoption of natural capital approaches in our land-based sector more effective.

16 Nov 2020

Consultation - Draft Strategy for Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture Research 2022-2027

The Scottish Government are looking for your views on and priorities for future mid to long term research across plant and animal health, sustainable food system and supply, human impacts on the environment, natural resources, rural futures

13 Nov 2020

New Hutton PhD studentship opportunities for 2021

The James Hutton Institute

Winners of our 2020 postgraduate event (c) James Hutton Institute Throughout their studies PhD students receive support and mentoring from their Institute supervisors and our Postgraduate Student Liaison Team.

10 Nov 2020

Winter flooding can help build resilience of groundwater aquifers for crop production

The James Hutton Institute

"The findings could have major implications for the resilience of groundwater aquifers in crop production areas, especially considering the large amounts of water used in rice production"

10 Nov 2020

Environmentally friendly PPE in Scots researchers’ sights

The James Hutton Institute

“It is crucial that new PPE is made from existing waste streams, be multiuse, re-washable, compostable, recyclable and cheap, thereby reducing their environmental burden and supporting the emergent bioeconomy for new products”

4 Nov 2020

Grouse moors and gamekeepers


Moorland management in Scotland has come under the spotlight in a series of reports assessing socioeconomic and biodiversity impacts of driven grouse moors and the employment rights of gamekeepers.