6 Sep 2021

Dee Catchment Partnership shortlisted for Nature of Scotland award

The James Hutton Institute

"Our partnership exists to promote, facilitate and deliver collaborative projects that conserve the unique biodiversity and natural beauty of Deeside, and the restoration at Easter Beltie is doing exactly that, creating a new area of wild beauty that is a habitat for a rich diversity of wildlife."

3 Sep 2021

Shortlist announced for Nature of Scotland Awards 2021

The James Hutton Institute

"The shortlist represents a cross-section of businesses, charities, the public sector and individuals working towards conserving the country’s unique wildlife and natural environment"

3 Sep 2021

New report and forum to discuss climate action in Scotland

The James Hutton Institute

"A sustainable future for Scotland’s land can only be built on a cross-sectoral and multidisciplinary basis, and through the use of principles which take into account people’s needs, sense of community, place and tradition" More information from: 

2 Sep 2021

Action needed now to tackle the climate emergency

The James Hutton Institute

"The climate emergency requires action from us all. This report aims to continue to build the momentum around Scotland’s approach to meeting this crisis and as we welcome a global audience to COP26."

27 Aug 2021

Support to protect Scotland's coastlines

The James Hutton Institute

"This nationally significant research will assist decision-makers and others to understand how Scotland’s coastal assets need to adapt to the pressures of climate change and improve our collective resilience in the face of this challenge."

26 Aug 2021

Building work starts in earnest for International Barley Hub and Advanced Plant Growth Centre

The James Hutton Institute

"With completion expected in early 2024, the centres will bring together industry and world-leading science to focus on solutions for the food and drink industry regarding climate change and a green recovery from the disruption caused by COVID-19"

24 Aug 2021

New review of evidence linking the environment and mental health

The James Hutton Institute

"This review has provided a critical understanding of gaps in the knowledge base to prioritise future action.

19 Aug 2021

Funding boost for nature and climate adaptation in Deeside

The James Hutton Institute

"This is fantastic news for the green recovery of Deeside and the Cairngorms National Park"

19 Aug 2021

Hutton researchers committed to tackling the climate crisis

The James Hutton Institute

"Our new five-year corporate plan commits us to tackle these problems and aims to ensure we take every opportunity to do things better. A new more sustainable and fairer world is entirely within our reach"

13 Aug 2021

New research sheds light on role of copper-dependent enzymes in plant infection

The James Hutton Institute

“Penetrating the plant cuticle and cell wall is the first step in infection, and the cell wall represents the site of the major struggle between host and pathogen”

12 Aug 2021

Potato Innovation and Translation Hub outlined at Potatoes in Practice 2021

The James Hutton Institute

"Recent advances in breeding technologies can be harnessed to fast track the breeding of new varieties; new developments in modelling, sensors and drone technologies are driving integrated pest management solutions”

12 Aug 2021

Safeguarding Scotland’s bulb and potato sector

The James Hutton Institute

“This project is hugely important to the sector and the sector is hugely important to Scotland. It is predicted that if co-ordinated action is not taken now, Scotland’s bulb and potato industries may no longer be viable in the next 30 years due to the reduction in available non-infested land.

5 Aug 2021

Dr Ruth Mitchell appointed to Trees and Woodlands Science Advisory Group

The James Hutton Institute

Dr Ruth Mitchell

30 Jul 2021

Potatoes in Practice returns to Balruddery Farm

The James Hutton Institute

Notwithstanding the many challenges for the potato industry, Potatoes in Practice 2021 is shaping up to be a key forum for the discussion of key topics about the technical and business realities.

22 Jul 2021

New Scottish knowledge portal to offer access to wealth of research

The James Hutton Institute

Torry beach in Aberdeen after Storm Frank in 2015. (Credit: Marine Scotland)

16 Jul 2021

Hutton scientists welcome National Food Strategy report

The James Hutton Institute

“There is untapped potential for urban agriculture to shift food systems in sustainable directions; local producers need to be incentivised to develop horticulture that delivers meaningful local employment, reduces food miles and makes food local again"

15 Jul 2021

New study shows seafood supplies don't always satisfy dietary recommendations

The Rowett Institute

A new study has found that for many European countries - including the UK - there is not a large enough fish supply to meet the recommended national dietary requirements.

12 Jul 2021

Protecting against parasites - Scotland's Farm Advisory Service


Moredun were asked recently by SAC’s Farm Advisory Service if we’d be prepared to do a piece to camera on ‘Parasites and Climate Change’ for their newly-launched FAS TV YouTube channel.

10 Jul 2021

National Islands Plan survey paints mixed picture of life in Scottish islands

The James Hutton Institute

“This is a big step forward in understanding the realities of life across Scotland's islands and improving the islands’ evidence base.”