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Online materials to help get you through the remainder of lockdown life

Online materials to help get you through the remainder of lockdown life

The Scottish Government has announced the lockdown measures are being eased slightly. It will take time for more lockdown restrictions to be lifted and life will not necessarily get back to normal for the foreseeable future. We have developed a series of online materials that may help as you continue lockdown life.


Educational SEFARI

Scottish schools appear to be remaining closed for the foreseeable future. Our researchers have developed a series of online educational activities and resources to continue helping you provide home schooling. You can find out how SEFARI is trying to help by making our educational resources more accessible and discover a few of our activities on food, agriculture and the environment. We also have more information about diets  and soils activities included in the resources.


Sowing Wild Seeds

In these current challenging times, those of us lucky enough to have a garden, allotment or even a small amount of space in a window-box might be considering ‘growing our own’ food and wondering what we should plant. With a plethora of mail-order seeds available deciding what to grow can be challenging. In this blog post, some of our leading researchers consider the health benefits of eating edible wild plants, highlighted by some of their ongoing research.



Moving into Phase One of easing of the lockdown restrictions means we are now freer to get outside for our daily exercise. We may be able to spend more time outdoors, and with one other household at a time, but the restrictions still mean we are not able to travel far to those beloved places. Our colleagues at the James Hutton Institute are curating an online exhibition allowing you to sail through Scotland’s lochs, rivers & seas from the comfort of your home.