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Animal Health, Agri-tech and Aquaculture: Improving Awareness and Links for Innovation Capacity in Scotland


This report is the output of a Fellowship project aiming to increase the understanding of the animal health, agri-tech and aquaculture (AAA) sector in Scotland and improve understanding of opportunities and challenges facing the sector. This was achieved through creation of an inventory mapping key stakeholders in the sector across Scotland and a survey to key stakeholders. The inventory created (up to date as of October 2021), and described in further detail in the report below, provides an overview of the vast breadth and expertise within the sector across academic institutes, companies, innovation centres, networks and consortiums, charities, government and development agencies, and business gateways and venture studios. A large proportion of identified stakeholder are based in and around the Easter Bush Campus which is the European epicentre for animal biosciences. The future AAA landscape was also explored, with multiple new centres, hubs and new trial facilities planned over the coming years, showing the vast expansion and investment in this area. The report also includes the vast trial facilities, both animal and crop, which exist across Scotland and contribute to Scotland’s world leading research within the AAA Sector.


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