9 Sep 2016

New Chairman Announced for Moredun Scientific


John Mackinnon has been appointed as the new chairman of Moredun Scientific. He will succeed Dr Peter Wells who has been chairman of the Moredun Scientific board of directors for the past eight years and is retiring from the post.

6 Sep 2016

Moredun Partners with Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre


The Moredun Research Institute are now an academic partner of the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC) which aims to stimulate the growth of the Industrial Biotechnology (IB) industry in Scotland.

5 Sep 2016

The GROW Observatory: a citizen science project for growers, gardeners, farmers and space scientists

The James Hutton Institute

“The outcome will be a hub of open knowledge and data created and maintained by growers that will be of value to the citizens themselves as well as specialist communities in science, policy and industry.

2 Sep 2016

Great Scottish produce from great Scottish science: barley

The James Hutton Institute

"Barley is rich in health-promoting carbohydrates, e.g. Beta-glucan, that aid digestion, reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and intestinal cancer. Related content 

31 Aug 2016

Can potatoes help fight disease?

The James Hutton Institute

“We believe there is considerable potential for harvesting the foliage and extracting added value from the potato crop.

26 Aug 2016

Natural health service: older people could benefit from green prescriptions

The James Hutton Institute

“We have been able to identify a number of potential interventions, such as green prescribing which should be integrated with existing initiatives like health walks that offer opportunities for overcoming social and motivational barriers.

19 Aug 2016

Hutton climate change research featured in high-profile publications

The James Hutton Institute

“The Report Card outlines the possible effects of future climate change, focussing on threats and opportunities relevant to crop, livestock, wood and other production in the agriculture and forestry sectors.

19 Aug 2016

Chinese and Scottish potato researchers establish collaborative links

The James Hutton Institute

“Our intention is to establish formal collaborative links to bring together different aspects of the research at each institution on these pests and pathogens of potato.

12 Aug 2016

Hundreds attend Potatoes in Practice 2016

The James Hutton Institute

With a markedly international flavour this year, the event featured speakers from five continents and a large Chinese contingent led by Mr Liang Xisen, chairman of China’s largest potato producer, Xisen Potato Industry Company.

5 Aug 2016

European potato scientists meet in Scotland to discuss crop challenges

The James Hutton Institute

“Pests and pathogens remain a major constraint to food security in a world where potato is rising in importance as a major food crop.

1 Aug 2016

Potatoes in Practice: Britain’s largest technical potato field event is coming up

The James Hutton Institute

“PiP is unmissable for anyone in the potato industry - with attendance rising steadily, it is GB’s largest potato field day offering something for everybody.

26 Jul 2016

Lessons in adapting to climate change from one of the world’s oldest crops

The James Hutton Institute

“Understanding the patterns genetic variation recorded in the genomes of crop plants promises to reveal how the process of mutation and natural selection has allowed plants to become successful in their own specific environmental niche

26 Jul 2016

Genome of 6,000-year-old barley grains sequenced for first time

The James Hutton Institute

"By combining archaeobotany and crop-specific genetics, this study has produced novel insights into the origins of our one of our most important crop plants.

15 Jul 2016

Analysis of milk using new technologies has identified potential biomarkers of mastitis enabling real-time diagnostics and targeted therapeutics


Scientists from the University of Glasgow and the Moredun Research Institute have published data from a comprehensive analysis of the changes that occur in milk during mastitis caused by a bacterial infection of the udder. 

12 Jul 2016

New insight into how plants make cellulose

The James Hutton Institute

“This work will help us to understand how the cellulose synthase complex works, how plants form cellulose and how they lay it down in the patterns that provide strength and structure to the plant.

11 Jul 2016

Collaboration receives £450K to explore food, energy, water and environment interactions in Ethiopia

The James Hutton Institute

"It is key to work with Ethiopian researchers and stakeholders to identify potential mechanisms which can help farmers in Ethiopia to become better equipped to cope with drought

8 Jul 2016

An evening walk to discover our latest developments in soft fruit science

The James Hutton Institute

"One of the Institute’s most successful and long-running field events, Fruit for the Future this year returns to its roots with an evening fruit walk around Mylnefield Farm in Invergowrie

7 Jul 2016

Research partnership set to unearth secrets of profitable soils throughout rotation

The James Hutton Institute

“This research will generate new data and knowledge to answer challenges across whole rotations and provide information and tools to allow farm businesses to make rewarding and sustainable rotational decisions.

29 Jun 2016

Latest research on show at cereals event

The James Hutton Institute

"Now in its eighth year and for only the second time in Aberdeenshire, the free event is an opportunity for arable farmers, businesses and industry with an interest in cereals to take advantage of the latest scientific research and technologies.

28 Jun 2016

Potato blight map reveals distribution of disease in Europe

The James Hutton Institute

“The industry has an effective range of fungicides with which to manage late blight but the pathogen population is able to evolve rapidly and it is important that management practices are also updated when required.