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Dr Mark Dagleish

Dr Mark Dagleish

Mark Dagleish

 +44 (0)131 445 5111

Bush Loan
EH26 0PZ


Mark is a member of the neuro- and foetopathology surveillance team based at Moredun which is responsible for examining tissues from fallen livestock in Scotland. He is solely responsible for the histological examination of tissues of sea mammals stranded in Scottish coastal waters. He is also a member of the Educational Committee of the British Society of Veterinary Pathologist (BSVP).

Current Research:

  • Pathology of lung disease in ruminants, especially bovine pneumonic pasteurellosis due to Pasteurella multocida A:3 and ovine pulmonary adenocarcinoma (OPA)
  • Pathology of haemorrhagic septicaemiain cattle and buffalo due to P. multocida B:2
  • Pathology of abortions in sheep caused by Chlamydophila abortus
  • All aspects of the pathology of wildlife, especially sea mammals and with special reference to neuro- and pulmonary pathology
  • Animal models of human G-I infection with Campylobacter spp.
  • Pathogenesis of scrapie and BSE

Leading Ideas

  • Livestock Diseases
  • Livestock Health

Area of Strategic Research Programme

Further information the Scottish Government's Strategic Research Programme is available

  • Theme 1: Natural Assets
  • 1.3 - Biodiversity and Ecosystems
  • 1.3.3 Resilience of ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Theme 2: Productive and sustainable land management and Rural Economies
  • 2.2 - Livestock Production, Health, Welfare, and Disease Control
  • 2.2.3 Disease mechanisms
  • 2.3 - Productive and Sustainable Land Management
  • 2.3.3 Disease threats in the environment